Lizard Friend

1:04 AM

caught a lizard

Living in Africa, I was totally used to lizards living in my house.  They became the unofficial Price family pet.  But I've been quite surprised to see so many lizards in my house here!  I don't mind them.  It makes me feel like there's a bit of Africa right here with me.  Emma Grace still freaks out about them, but Joshua gladly comes to her rescue!

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  1. That little guy is so cute! :) I haven't seen any lizards in my house yet, but I love to see them running around on the fences and walls outside.

  2. Yeah, it's different to see creatures in your house in the States, isn't it?! Here overseas we totally accept it - our houses just aren't sealed the same way, and the lizards (and roaches!) aren't shocking here like they would be in the US!

    So... is that you holding the lizard? If so, you are braver than I would have been!!! :-)


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