Take A Hike

1:14 AM


checking out the creek

Not as in a get-out-of-here-quick kind of way but as in a get-outside-and-enjoy-the-outdoors kind of way!  Jeremy and I have been faithfully doing our morning walks during the week while the kids are in school.  I don't always want to walk but the benefits of exercise far outweigh my lack of enthusiasm.  It's amazing.  I have more energy throughout the day.  I feel better.  And of course, the slimming down is an added bonus to all of that.

hanging around

picking a flower

since i rarely put pics of myself...this is me, taken by my husband

With our 3 day Columbus day weekend, Jeremy and I decided we wanted to do something that involved some family togetherness.  With our morning walks in mind, a hike it was!  The weather has been gorgeous lately, too gorgeous to stay inside, that's for sure.  Exercising as a family just sounded good.  The kids sure slept well that night!

How do you find ways for family exercise time?

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  1. Great photos! :) I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate a family walk into our days. Probably the easiest would be to meet Ben somewhere on his walk home, then turn around and walk the rest of the way home with him. It all depends on when my kids' nap finishes, but I could try to do it anytime they finish early enough.

  2. We were taking the kids on a bedtime stroll (in strollers), but it's already getting dark too early - and I'm leery of walking in the dark in our sidewalk-less neighborhood. It sure made bedtime easy while it lasted, though - especially since Johnny and Lily were falling asleep ON the walk!

  3. We hike one day a week together - saturday or sunday. For a whole day in the Maine/NH mountains.

    Slowly over the years the kids have built up stamina and endurance and can now backpack as a family once a month or so. We are passionate about family exercise time in nature.

  4. You have such a beautiful family. :)

  5. Jen, this is such an awesome idea! I can't wait for Emma to grow a bit more and take her hiking ;)

  6. Perfect! I firmly believe that family walks together are one of the bestest ever ways to not only incorporate health and wellness but its just such a special time together...so many opportunities to talk about God,nature, love, life. :)
    My family walks together too. Unfortunately the little baby we are keeping doesn't like being in a stroller for very long so I end up carrying her in a Snugli... ouch my shoulders!!!!!

  7. What a great way for some family time...a walk in the beautiful outdoors! I love the water...is that a lake and a river that you all were by? Not only great exercise and time together...but wonderful memories made too. Great photos of all of you.

    Blessings & Aloha!


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