Knucks...The Hot Item

12:09 AM

There's been lots of knitting going on around these parts.  I have my Christmas knitting list which is making steady progress, and then I've had several knitting orders which has been excellent!  Making a little cash doing something I love?  I'll go for that! 


It seems the popular items for 2010 are knucks.  They really are cool and I love the pattern!  I also love that the designer permits you make a profit off these!  Since there are lots of projects I have been working on, I haven't managed to knit up some extras for my shop, but they are available for order.  I can make kid's or adult sizes.

I knit these up in the super soft Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and available colors are charcoal gray (like in the picture), black, or navy!  If you'd like to order a pair, shoot me an email!  I can still make them by Christmas!

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  1. Those are super-cute! I made my first pair of wrist-warmers with this pattern ( I actually took it for a class to learn to knit cables (Thanks for the "continuing education" money, MAF!!!) and I knew I would never wear mittens here in Wamena, so I modified the pattern to make wrist warmers rather than the full mittens - I will have to take a picture of them. I used some sort of Cascade wool (I think it was a superwash, maybe the 220?) and it is so soft!

  2. These are so awesome! Almost makes me wish it got cold enough here to wear warm woolies...

  3. Gorgeous !
    I wish i could knit like you. I tried to learn but I really suck lol !


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