And The Stockings Were Hung...

12:15 AM

christmas corner

I imagine that, if all of our belongings are ever in one place, that we will have lots of Christmas decorations to adorn our house.  I have a box of Christmas goodies stored in our basement in Connecticut, one packed away (with a fake tree) in S. Africa, and now here in Texas we have our own small stash.  I would also imagine that, all together, I have 12 stockings scattered between here and there.  Well, I guess this is just reinforcing our dream of having a home (and by home I mean an actual physical structure) on different continents!

christmas stocking

We really didn't spend much on our real tree and plastic ornaments this year, but when it came time for stockings, I was a bit shocked at how expensive they were!  That's when I decided to try and make my own.  Knitting them was going to take too long, so I opted to sew them.

santa stocking

I used this template but ended up making them with fleece and Christmas fabric.  Thanks to fabric sales at Hobby Lobby, they were a fraction of the price of already made stockings plus I had fun making them!

santa ornament

reindeer ornament

I used leftover scraps to make some ornaments.  I stuffed the inside with fiber fill and just sewed the fabric and fleece together with a ribbon hanging out of the top.  I've always had visions of my tree being adorned with handmade ornaments, but this slightly nomadic life makes that pretty difficult.  It does make me quite happy to see at least some handmade goodness on there!

snowman ornament

tree ornament

Any handmade goodies adorning your tree?

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  1. We have a box of Christmas decór that has followed us from continent to continent - Ben has a wealth of handmade ornaments from his childhood, and I have a few as well. I often wish we had a little *less* handmade goodness... Our stockings are from charity shops, except Ben's, which is another childhood relic.

    But I'm not as badly off as my sister, whose in-laws created university-team themed stockings for her entire family, complete with choking hazards and wild un-Christmassy colours. They are the first stockings I've seen that are even more hideous than Ben's stocking.

  2. It was good I typed all that out... I was able to talk to Ben and explain, in a non-whiney, non-confrontational manner, why I don't get excited about decorating our tree and hanging the stockings. (Our tree has lights but no other decorations at the moment.) We're going to weed out some of the less desirable mementos tonight!

  3. I made fleece stockings for my family, too!

    Nearly all of the decorations on our tree are handmade, which makes it look very un-showy, but quaint. Your little fabric scrap ornaments are cute!

  4. They look beautiful and those ornaments are simply lovely!

  5. Your handmade ornaments are adorable! Ohh how I miss having access to a sewing machine :[ I just have a mini-fake tree for now and it's sitting on a little bright red IKEA table... and I got turquoise & purple ornaments at Hobby Lobby when everything was half off. I got my stockings at Big Lots for $2 each and then a couple also at Hobby Lobby for about $1.50 each. I ironed on the names and I like how simple they are though I looove yours!


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