Busy Little Elves

12:13 AM

The past week the hubby and I have been busy little elves!  It's been a blast making some new things together like...

foodie bags...great for bread or home baked goods you are giving away
pattern available here

foodie bags

bread bag

all tied up

jars for organization
jars and chalkboard paint...i just can't help myself!

markers in jar

lots of jars

painted jars...again can't help myself with the jars!

painted jars

tops of jars

beverage bottles

and my personal favorite...
chalkboard place mats in a bag designed by me!
(that lovely canvas like fabric is from ikea)

chalkboard bag

chalkboard place mats

jen's place

If anything catches your eye, email me!  I don't have these items in my store yet, but they're all for sale!

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  1. Brilliant! How fun to create TOGETHER. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Love the bread bags!! Love the place mat holders...you guys are so fun!!

  3. Gasping in pure delight! I LOVE Those bread holder things...Foodie bags...what an absolutely delightful way to give a Christmas gift! Homemade bread in a Foodie bag ...never heard of one but those are really really cute!


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