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12:26 AM

I do believe when you look through your photo library and find yourself in the midst of special moments that make you smile, that it's time for a 10 things list.  I love to see what's bringing me joy right now.

hearing emma g read...it's amazing to hear her sounding out the words on the page (or screen...we've been using starfall online phonics books for some of her reading)
eg reading

friday morning coffee dates with the love of my life
coffee date

my little reminder of winter nights in africa...dark chocolate and rooibos tea
anyone tried ghirardelli dark chocolate with sea salt and almond bits?  to.die.for.
dark chocolate

expanding my bread repertoire to now include my newest favorite, english muffins...next on the list, bagels! 
english muffins

the planning and creating that is going into joshua's pinewood derby 
pinewood derby in progress

the fact that emma g has learned to tie her shoes and asks everyone in the house if she can tie their shoes

treasured moments of creative expression
creative expression

digging up recipes I haven't made in a while...greek chicken pitas, yum!  (whole wheat pita bread recipe found in artisan breads every day)
greek chicken pita

productive days...
a productive day

a quiet house to crank up the likes of mumford & sons
quiet house

What makes YOU smile these days?

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  1. Lovely pictures! I love your moments of happiness. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Beautiful photos! I love English muffins (in England, they're just called muffins, lol) and hearing my little girl read, too!! :) :)

  3. you like mumford and sons?! :))) hahaha. That's funny. I LOVE them. I literally just made a new blog playlist, and they were most of what went on it, as well as Bon Iver. :) Those are my two favs right now. :)

  4. Beautiful photography. That chocolate sounds delicious!

  5. Emma makes me smile and laugh! I love motherhood.

  6. Oooooo...the ghirardelli looks so yummy! Never heard of that flavor! The whole wheat pita sandwiches also look great!

    I love to see how you are filling your days and moments!

  7. Ooh, what fun and special things!! I love it when my son tells me about his day at school- today he held worms and thought it was so cool!


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