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pink hearts

Did you know that Valentine's Day is exactly 26 days away?  As a crafter, I love any and every holiday, because it means time to create!  It's oh, so fun!  The kids have homemade mailboxes taped to their doors, because they love getting little notes from anyone who might stick one in there.  That's why, every Valentine's, we make some kind of little mailbox.  I've had a few mailbox ideas this year and thought I would get my act together and post them well beforehand for those that want to push up their sleeves and craft!

heart mailbox

Today's Valentine mailbox is a heart shaped creation inspired by a similar one I saw at Michael's.  I tried to take pictures of the process.  It's a great simple craft to satisfy a quick creative spurt.


2 pieces of 9 X 12 in. felt, I used red/white and hot pink/light pink combos
Scissors, pinking shears and straight
heart template
white thread or embroidery floss
12 in. of ribbon or thick yarn


1.  Make a heart template.  Feel free to download and use the one I made (download the original size).

Valentine's Heart

2.  Pin the large heart cutout to the lighter felt and cut using the pinking shears.  Pin the small heart cutout to the darker felt and cut out using straight scissors.

cutting hearts

3.  Using the back of the small heart cutout, use a ruler to make a straight line about halfway down.  Pin this to the same color you used for the small heart and cut using straight scissors.  This will be your pocket.


4.  Next, cut a strip the same color as the large heart about 1 inch wide and a length a little longer than the half heart.  Using the pinking shears, cut across the top.  Pin it to the half heart and trim the sides to match.

half of heart

5.  Sew a line to attach both pieces.

heart half

6.  Pin it all together, including the ribbon to the back, and sew it together.

pinned heart

7.  Stuff it with mail for your loved ones!

heart mailbox

Alternatives...if you don't have a sewing machine, you can always sew it together with embroidery floss, or you could always buy a pre-made heart mailbox and let the kids decorate away with glitter glue!

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  1. How cute. and they would make great little pockets on a Valentines outfit too

  2. Cute! Maybe I'll have to make these with fabric... sure wish I would have stocked up on felt!

    And... um... I am not quite sure about your math, but here today is January 19th, and Valentines Day is February 14th... I am not sure how that works out to 35 days :-)

  3. Great idea, Jen! You gave me an idea...I might just ask the kids to put little notes in someone's "heart" each week (including one for me and daddy) leading up to Valentine's Day. I like how you thought outside the (mail)box on this one!

    I don't have felt on hand, but think I will use some foam hearts left over from last year though. Thanks for the idea!


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