it's been a busy about some photos?

12:30 AM

This week has been a busy week for my brain.  Between sabbatical homework and writing (for what specifically I'll share sometime later), let's just say I'm glad it's Friday!  I have no words left to write an eloquent post so I'll share some pictures of our Tuesday night family night.  The kids have been begging to make a fire, so we did and made s'mores!  Of course, they loved every minute of it!  The photos were a little blurry because I didn't use my flash and there were lots of smiles, laughing, and just plain silliness going on.

my fam

fire happy

watch the tongue

s'more delight

roasting s'mores

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Smores! Oh my! I am so hungry now... Those photos are so beautiful, there's nothing like a family spending time together.

  2. Yum! What a fun family night idea =)


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