chocolate pudding

12:13 AM

chocolate pudding

I didn't grace my family with a beautiful Valentine's meal.  No, actually leftovers filled our plates right before we rushed out the door to a basketball game.  I did, however, think to have some chocolate pudding to add a little something special for our return from the game.  (You know, sugar and chocolate are best eaten right before a later bedtime.  You didn't know that?)

I had never made homemade pudding before.  This recipe from Taste of Home was easy and tasted great!  Definitely a keeper!

The kids have tomorrow off for President's Day, so I'll see you back here on Tuesday!

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  1. "... sugar and chocolate are best eaten right before a later bedtime. You didn't know that?"

    LOL! You're braver than I am. I'm glad that pudding was tasty. :)

  2. Just found you and I adore your blog!!! Your little green dish is adorable...and yes...chocolate is always welcomed! Happy Monday...but I am thinking it is your Tuesday. xoxoxo

  3. yummy!!! I have some chocolate mousse I want to try soon, but I have to wait til my "cheat" day when I can eat some sugar!!!

  4. I've made that recipe before (or one very similar) - delicious!

    About chocolate and later bedtimes... I let the kids have chocolate sauce on ice cream two nights ago, because we were planning to keep them up a little late. Worked fine for Emma and Johnny, but Lily fell asleep at bedtime, then woke up an hour later and stayed up until 1am!!! From now on chocolate is a lunch-only treat!


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