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12:19 AM

In our line of work, we don't receive a salary, so it's always been my dream to bring in an income doing something I love.  For me, blogging has evolved from something that was a good idea to keep in touch to something that I deeply enjoy, something that I look forward to, and something that allows me some creative expression.  To put it simply, I love it.

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Riding on the momentum of this dreaming thing, I feel it's time to actively pursue sponsors for I Believe In Love.  My heart is not to turn this blog into a page splashed with ads but a place for blogs and businesses to gain exposure at an affordable price.  It also gives me the chance to further express my values of creativity and hand made and healthy living.

If you own a business or have a blog and you would like to expand your community of readers and/or shoppers for $15 a month, click here for more information!

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  1. Funny, I was going to type the same words as Blissful_e said above! I am so excited about your ideas and adventures!! I can't do sponsorship right now, but I am going to see about adding your etsy shop to my blog. If you know how, let me know...I'm going to look on your blog right now.


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