images of a {dreamy} no school snow day

12:15 AM

Yesterday school was canceled AGAIN due to bad weather.  It's crazy, I tell you, just crazy.  However, I don't think anyone minded (including me).  Fires, art projects, hot cocoa, marshmallow roasting, movie watching, mmm...dreamy...

icicles from the roof


coloring cards

valentine's day cards

roasting marshmallow

charred marshmallow

a game of monopoly

In case you're wondering, Joshua is working on his Valentine's Day cards for school.  You can see my roundup of free Valentine's Day printables here (and crafting ideas here).  Don't you just love Emma G's charred marshmallow and make-up job? :)

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  1. That is one charred marshmallow! :) Looks like a lovely peaceful day at home.

  2. Looks like some high-fashion makeup ;)

  3. he ha that marshmallow is certainly toasted! Glad you guys are making fun memories in the snow.


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