joy of love roundup of hobbies, dreams, eyes, & more!

12:17 AM

This is a Joy of Love roundup but first let me tell you about my exciting Friday last week!  First I found out I won a $150 Visa gift card!  That will go toward some of the camera gear I need for my India trip.  Within 10 minutes of hearing that news, I found out that my Continuing Education financial aid was finally approved!  Currently I am signed up for an Advanced Photography class (starting tonight!) and a class on Learning To See Creatively.  There's a few others I'm interested in...Photojournalism in particular but these two are a good start.  I'm so excited to continue learning about something I love.  Without further ado, my current Joy of Love roundup.

passions & hobbies : my lego building boy
passion & hobby : creating with legos

passion & hobby : legos

space where they are comfortable : the man cave, where no woman wants to can be
spaces : the man cave

spaces : the man cave

dreams : travel the world telling stories through photos
dream : travel the world & tell stories through photography

the eyes : joshua & emma g
eyes : joshua

eyes : emma g

routines : bedtime reading
routines : bedtime reading

wedding band: emma g loves to try on my rings!
wedding rings

wedding ring : trying it on

wedding ring : on my daughter

In other photography related news, there's still time to enter the camera giveaway from Today's Mama AND they are now offering an iMac giveaway!  What a pair...a new camera to take photos and a great computer to edit them on!

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  1. Love the 'eyes' pictures!! All of them a great moments captured brilliantly. :)

  2. Great photos! How exciting that you won $150! Very cool. :-)

  3. So so very excited for you! Love those pictures....they are amazing!

  4. Beautiful photos, Jen! I am so HAPPY for you!

  5. What an exciting win! The class sounds great, too!

  6. All are such great photos, but my favorite is your "dreams" well portrayed!! Have fun at your class - how exciting!

  7. Great photos! I love the post processing you did on some of them. That man cave looks all kinds of awesome. :)

  8. These are all awesome! Love, love, love your rings!

  9. I really like some of the photos you've posted!


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