a praying opportunity

12:09 AM

the poor caddy

About a month ago, we were driving along the road, coming back from a family outing, when the car started acting funny.  That is never a good sign.  It's an even worse sign when the car won't shift and you realize top speed is somewhere in the 35-40 mph zone.  You guessed it...the transmission was going out.

I hate car repairs.  They're never small and they're never cheap.  I knew a shot transmission would definitely not be on the cheap side.  In fact, with some of the other problems, it's not worth fixing at this point.  Jeremy and I began to pray about what to do.  It's so easy to simply try to fix the need in our own strength (notice I said try).  How often we (I) forget to stop and just ask God for direction concerning things like car problems!

Jeremy and I also felt like this was a praying opportunity for our kids, for us as a family.   As they get older, their involvement in matters such as these should increase, I believe.  We've prayed several times as a family that God would direct our steps.  Of course, with kids, you also get prayers like, "Please can we have a yellow car with flames on the side."  God, please no! :)

Through this situation, I feel challenged to be on the lookout for these praying opportunities for my kids.  I want them to grow up knowing that God answers prayers and that we should always turn to Him.  I want them to see the power of prayer and allow it to increase their faith. 

The timing of this is so inconvenient on so many levels (although when are car problems convenient?), but increasing our trust and faith in Him is always right.  So...we keep driving the caddy at a steady 40 mph, we keep praying, and we follow God's direction...together as a family.

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  1. We prayed SO MANY car prayers for our 1967 Volkswagens and 1970 Pontiac. In Christian school, when they asked for prayer requests, mine were almost inevitably about one of Mom's cars (they had names, of course). One time when Mom was in the pickup area waiting for us girls to get out of school, some teachers came over and laid hands on the car! God honored those prayers. Nothing is impossible with God!

    We know friends who pray aloud when they go to busy areas with their kids, "please help us find a parking space." It may sound silly, but amazing parking spaces have opened up for them, and it's definitely a faith-building exercise for them and their kids.

  2. Prayer accomplishes amazing things - although for your sake I hope it doesn't lead to a yellow car with red flames =)

  3. It will be exciting to see how God will move on your behalf with the car...He knows all about it and even cares!! Love that you involved the kiddos!! Come on Transmission, or come on new car???? You never know...someone might just be waiting to "gift" a car. That would be exciting even if it did have flames!!! The fire of God???? hehe!


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