sock monkeys

12:14 AM

On the first day of Valentine's my true love (mom) gave to me (Joshua and Emma Grace) SOCK MONKEYS!  I must have picked up this free pattern some time ago and then forgot about it.  Recently, as I was going through a stack of papers, it jumped out at me, and I knew, I just knew, that I had to weave it into a gift for my kiddos.

kids and their monkeys

holding monkey hands

Valentine's gifting was just the thing!  I am happy to report that they do indeed like their sock monkeys.  And you better believe that as long as Joshua will let me, I will continue making little knits for him!

spinning monkey  playing with monkey

Although, I don't know what's more fun...gifting hand mades or a fun excuse for a photo shoot!

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  1. How adorable - the monkeys, and the kids! =)

  2. My mother in law said she used to make these...yours are adorable!

  3. Aren't these the cutest monkeys!! Love 'em.

  4. I really can't believe how much knitting you get done!!!


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