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It's been amazing to visit the children's homes here in India who are rescuing kids off the streets.  The impact they are having on these kids is simply amazing.  The number of street kids living in India can be overwhelming.  You begin to think, "Where do I start?"  I love that these children's homes have just started.  A few kids rescued has turned into hundreds of lives being saved from a life of begging and sex trafficking.  That is where the hope lies!


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The other night we visited a children's home with some very, very precious kids.  All of them had been rescued off the streets.  Their smiles were so contagious that you would never even have known that they came from that reality.  The kids sang praises with joyful hearts and even quoted several passages of Scripture.  They are standing on the solid foundation of Jesus!


I realize more and more that you can't get overwhelmed walking the streets and seeing all the kids that need to be rescued, because that overwhelming feeling can lead to a feeling of hopelessness thinking, "But what can I do when there's so many?"  Instead, you let your heart be moved to compassion and you start with the one, knowing that one less child on the streets is making an impact. 

See my guest post at Hope's Gate where I also share about starting with the one.

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  1. Jen, I can't even really describe to you how your posts the past few days have "messed me up". I don't know what God is doing but He is burrowing into my heart with these issues....and I really loved India the first time I was there, so I think that is hitting me even harder, although, Arno, while watching the Amazing Race the other night, said he didn't think he would like it there...separate from these issues of course....but as for me...maybe it is the 3rd world MK in heart breaks for these faces you have shown us and for the faceless ones not seen.

    Thank you for using your talents to raise this awareness in such a keen way that it has bypassed my barriers of I-think-I-know-what-is-happening-around-the-world.


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