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Because I am such an advocate for creative expression, it's easy for me to try to rush things with my kids.  For the longest time, both Jeremy and I have wanted Joshua to learn guitar.  Jeremy was eager to teach him, and I was eager for him to learn an instrument.


It was very clear that he wasn't ready and pushing it on him only seemed to drive the desire to learn further away...that is, until recently.  All of a sudden, he's asking how to play chords and practicing some.  It such a reminder to me to allow creativity to unfold at the pace it needs to and that I can be patient with the process.

2 guitar players

I am thrilled, though, that both of my kids are interested in music.  I believe there are so many benefits to learning music, and I am more than happy to foster that creative outlet.  The past week, you might have noticed a new badge in the sidebar.  My friend, Steve, is an amazing musician and teaches guitar lessons in the local Dallas area.  Please check out his site.  If you or your child are interested in learning guitar, Steve is the one to contact!  You can also check out his interview on Today's Mama here.

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  1. Love the flower on Emma G's guitar, and your wisdom about seizing the opportunity... when it presents itself. :) Hurrah for music and musicians!

  2. My girls (the two oldest ones) are learning piano right now and they love it. they both tell me they want to at least learn another instrument. Both my husband and me are thrilled because we both wish we knew how to play an instrument, so now we are living it through our children. It is also something they can use for the glory of God so, even better.
    Btw, I love the flower in your girl's guitar :) too cute

  3. So cool he's learning guitar! My kids seem to be very interested in music already. Isabelle loves "playing guitar" with me whenever I have it out.

  4. How neat to see both your children take an interest in music - and to have a good guitar teacher nearby!


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