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Can you imagine living on the streets?  Can you imagine your "home" being something like a tent that lacks the elements that a house should provide like safety and shelter from the weather?  Now can you imagine being 5 years old and this is your reality?

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As we visited the area where the street children live, my heart broke to think of the vicious cycle that so many of these kids fall into.  Without an education, they have very little hope of getting a good job that will put an end to the cycle of street life and prostitution.  These kids and young girls are so very vulnerable.  Gangs prowl the night hours taking whom they want.  The girls find themselves the victims of rape which sometimes leads to pregnancy.

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Life on the streets is tough, and it is evident in the faces you see.  Without visiting the streets, I would not have understood the tremendous impact that the children's homes who are rescuing these kids are having.  There is hope.  More to come on that...

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  1. Thank you for sharing your pics and the plight of girls ans women in India. When I was there visiting family, it really hit me hard. Your journey shared is amazing!


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