a little preview

1:20 AM

eating a smoothie pop

This is a little preview to tomorrow's post.  I tried to get her to move her hair for the picture but she insisted that it cover part of her face.  I do believe this girl might have a career in fashion someday.  We had a conversation the other day that went like this...

EG: "These shoes hurt my feet."

Me: "Then why'd you wear them?"

EG: (in a "duh" kind of voice) "Because they're pretty!"

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  1. That smoothie pop looks delish!

    I saw an impeccably dressed woman wearing 5" heels the other day, and I thought that I couldn't bear the pain she must endure to look that good! :)

  2. I think our Emmas would get along. Mine wore shoes two sizes too small for several hours earlier this week. It took several blisters before she finally handed them over.

  3. omg! I Love her hair like that. :) Such a cute picture! :))))she and Joshua look so much alike from that b&w photo of the 're-engage 2011 (that's him right?) :)))


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