pray for ethiopian adoptions

1:19 AM

taken in mbonisweni, south africa

Some of you might have heard about the recent changes regarding Ethiopian adoptions.  March 9th the U.S. Dept. of State released an official adoption alert confirming that Ethiopia will reduce the number of cases they review each day to a maximum of five.  This is a 90% percent decrease and will greatly delay adoptive parents who have not yet been matched up to a child.  The reason for all of this stems from wanting to cut down on corruption.

Stopping corruption is a good thing.  However, the reality is that there are children who are greatly affected by this.  There are loving parents (we have friends currently trying to adopt) who are anxious to welcome these precious children into their arms, and this bottle neck could mean significant delays in these children going to the families God has for them.

We serve a God who is so much bigger than what our finite minds can comprehend.  My prayer in all of this is that He would be in the midst of all the decisions being made and all the kids who are waiting to join their new families.   Would you join me in prayer today?  (Red Letters also put together a prayer list if you're interested.)

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  1. Bless those children and hopeful families.

  2. Thank you for bringing that prayer request to us

  3. It is so sad that we have reduced adoptions from so many countries. I understand the concerns - and something really does need to happen about children being stolen to profit off of adoption - but as someone who has felt the tug in my heart since I was a little kid to adopt, it makes me really sad. All children have the right and should have the opportunity to grow up in a good home

  4. Oh sweet friend...YES...I will join you. God is bigger than us all and can do ANYTHING!!!!Lets all pray for these sweet sweet children. xoxoxoo God bless you for posting this and making us all aware. xoxoxoxo


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