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Saturday evening after I returned from a very fun painting time at Sip N Doodle, I opened my computer to check email.  My computer was on and fully charged but my screen was totally blank.  Of course, I feared the worst and thought, "Now?  Really?"  I gave it a rest overnight and thought surely it would be rejuvenated by morning.  It wasn't.  After my husband's kind suggestion, I decided to not let it ruin my day but wait and see what the true problem was.  Thankfully it was a small chip that needed to be replaced and it was even covered by my protection plan.  In many ways this was so inconvenient but also very timely.  I need to get blog posts scheduled before I leave and this puts a dent in that progress, but if this would have happened on my trip, I would have been really stuck.  Instead, I've been able to leave my scheduling until next week and focus on preparing and even a little packing.  I love to feel like I'm getting a head start!  My pre-trip goals include...

  • Plan Joshua's birthday party.  His birthday is three days after I get home.  The more I can do now, the less stressed I will be.  It was helped tremendously that I won two birthday related giveaways in the last week!  The invitations are designed and ready for print!  Yea!
  • Plan some blog posts while I'm away.  I have ideas.  I just need to write them.  
  • Schedule my Today's Mama posts.  Again the ideas are there.
  • Help plan out some meals for Jeremy.  I've tucked food away in the freezer.  I just need to communicate what's there, and as he juggles their activities and homework, I want to alleviate some of the stress!
  • Finish buying my toiletries and other small items this weekend.  We have company and spring break next week!
  • Back up all my pictures before I leave.  I started this process but my computer being in the shop put a hold on it.
I realize this list is a bit long for a week and a half left.  There is a beautiful thing, however, when you step on the plane.  Everything that didn't get done just has to wait.  I'm actually surprised with my personality that I can set it aside, but I can.  And it feels so refreshing.  Until I step on that plane, though, I will chip away at this list!  We have two more fundraisers (at the local Yogurtville on March 14th and March 18th for anyone interested).  And check out our fun at a jewelry class we went to the other night!  It's fun to at least know something about jewelry making before going to photo a jewelry project!

shaping metal

a pair of earrings

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  1. I am thoroughly impressed and inspired...and tired for you! ;) But still excited to. I know what you mean that at the moment you board the plane, you just detach so that you can focus on what God has you doing for that short season in India. Oh, I just know it is going to be so much fun!

  2. What a great idea to take a jewelry class before going to photograph jewelry makers! :)

    Your reaction to your laptop screen being blank is great, too... asking God what He has for you when things didn't go as expected. He'll continue to do amazing things as you look to Him in every circumstance!

  3. Have fun! and btw, very pretty earings

  4. Those earrings are beautiful!

    Good luck getting everything done! You leave so soon!

  5. Hope you get it all done...and what fun to make a special pair of earrings. xoxoxo Happy weekend


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