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It totally felt like this weekend flew by!  The fun part was the art and creativity that weaved its way into the past few days.  Friday night three of us going to India set up jewelry, paintings, and framed art for sale at the local coffee shop to raise money for our trip.  We even had some henna action going on!  Can you believe I leave in less than two weeks??

saxby's fundraiser prints and paintings


painting henna


I'm so thankful I have a group of friends who like to paint!  Saturday night, we tried out yet another painting venue, Sip N Doodle.  Everyone chooses their own painting which was quite different than the other ones we've done.  I was able to go for free in exchange for a review.  Look for it next week on Today's Mama!

our paintings


on the mantel

Emma Grace was given yet another opportunity to put her creativity to work.  This one was a doozy but she wanted to do it and we got it done.  It will be on display at the local barbecue gala fundraiser later this month!

boots n bbq gala

Every time I have a weekend full of creative outlets, I'm once again reminded of the fun and importance of doing a little something artsy that just might stretch us outside of our box!  Did you do anything artsy over your weekend?

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  1. I actually picked up my crochet hook over the weekend and made a little monkey for Lily that's been in the works for ages. You're right, it's wonderful to be creative!

    I love the idea of going somewhere to paint where you each can choose a different picture.

  2. I am enjoying stretching my right brained loves via writing, photography, & baking (with my aunt). It is a welcome change from the left brained perfectionism that also is me!

    I love your photos and your detailing of your weekend fun!

  3. P.S. OH how could I forget to mention the henna!? I love it so much! In a friend's wedding, she & all of us bridesmaids were adorned. SO MUCH FUN!

  4. Wow, love all the colours and fun photos! I picked out some curtain fabric this weekend that I'll be sewing together for my kids' room.


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