the bluebonnets

1:17 AM

I kept waiting for the perfect setting to take bluebonnet pictures this year (side note...the bluebonnet is the Texas state flower).  Apparently, a lush hill of bluebonnets, no rain, blue skies, and no wind was a bit too much to ask for.  I had to put my wish list aside so as not to miss the small window of the year where these flowers bloom.  Amidst the squinting eyes and crazy long hair blowing in the wind, these are my favorites (thank goodness for Photoshop to fix those blown out skies).  Warning, there may or may not be a ladybug reproduction lesson that could follow one of these photos!  :)


bluebonnets & ladybugs

laying in the bluebonnets

smelling flowers

posing for mama

silly eyes

in the grass

picking flowers

being silly

blowing in the wind

holding hands

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  1. Thanks for the "ladybug reproduction lesson"! LOL!

    Seriously, though, the pictures are lovely.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love the one of the kids holding hands!

  3. How I love Spring... and Emma's dress! OH MY!

  4. Loving your photos! Found you at Follow my Chickadee Blog Hop and am your newest follower. Looking forward to checking your blog out!

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  5. Gorgeous photos! Emma G's dress is perfect for the photoshoot =)

  6. Hi Jen...loved the photos here and from the post before! You did find some good blue bonnet patches it looks like! I love the rain abundant springs when we even have about an acre of our property covered in the lush flower!

    And...I read your comment over at Studio you have a resource for natural dyes for Easter eggs? Angel and I were looking last week...(but I never got around to googling it!)

  7. Beautiful. And the photo of your cuties holding hands... precious!

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous!!! I am in Texas as well...have been sicne I was 6 and I have maybe 1 picture of my kiddos with bluebonnets...I'll probably get kicked out of Texas now. :)
    I'm a new follower from the Follow Me Chickadee hop and I can't wait to read more of your posts. I read your About Me and I would love to know what organizations you work with in Africa. We sponsor a child at the Hope For Cambodia Orphanage and hope to go there someday.

  9. These make me feel happy and peaceful. Love your family!

  10. These are amazing! I love the ones of them lying in the flowers; so youthful and fun! Glad I stumbled across your blog:).


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