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All my words have been used up as I've been in meetings the past couple of days.  Instead of a post filled with words, I bring you a post filled with buttercup photos!  These are in full bloom, a sure sign of spring.  My daughter loves bringing me bouquets of these.  I love it, too, except when tiny bugs start crawling out all over my table!

buttercup & bug

bee with pollen

buttercup middle focus

buttercup petal focus

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. That's an amazing shot of the bee covered in pollen!

  2. Wow... beautiful photos Jen! Makes me miss the spring that started here... and now left for a few days! :)

  3. These are such beautiful photos! Our flowers are just starting, and my hyaciths are pretty sad with how cold it has been.

  4. beautiful photographs! wow.. these are stunning.... u are very very talented!

  5. i love how close you got! such a natural beauty in flowers...there really is nothing like them!

  6. These are filling the ditches and empty lots in our area of Texas - and I am so with you on the bugs! Your photos are stunning!


  7. Beautiful flowers. I see the little buggies!

  8. in Tennessee we have buttercups in late FEB. ... it's so nice to see em again ... Thanks for shareN

  9. Your macro is divine! I love the little bugs btw, I think it makes the flowers look so real & alive! Spring has come?


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