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I love a fridge filled with my kid's artwork, proud school achievements, friends and family, and chore charts.  It's just another way to make a home cozy.  However, in the midst of all that loveliness I also love a wee bit of organization.  That's where fun magnets come in!

Before I left for India, I did a bit of magnet crafting to help tame the busyness.  A few simple ideas and I was able to spruce up the beast that holds our cold foods.  I had other grand plans, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to implement the ideas in my head.

flower magnet

The kids love Izze drinks (and I do, too).  I bought a 4 pack as a special treat and started looking at the bottle caps.  I loved that it had no words and a simple flower.  I bought a pack of round magnets at Walmart, stuck them on the fridge, and stuck the magnet on top of that.  I tried gluing the cap to the magnet, but the magnet was so strong that every time I pulled it off the fridge, the magnet stayed behind.  Anyone know of a special glue out there for metal and magnets?  For now, I'm happy with them.

clip magnet

I also found these super cute over-sized paper clips in the One Spot at Target.  These did get a magnet glued to them and they are holding quite well.  They have been perfect for holding the Music Maestros that the kids bring home from music class.

Have you discovered any great magnet crafts lately?  If so, do share!

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  1. I glue fun paper onto the round magnets and then glue on a glass bead, like the ones you can put in vases. They are so easy and look really good.

  2. My kids remove anything below a certain height on the refrigerator...

    Those bottle caps are cute!

  3. Wow that looks gorgeous! Now I want to start making magnets too!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Emma's Lunch. I'm glad to follow you, although I don't think I received your follow. Would you check?

    Looking forward to stopping by often in the future! :)

  4. I love the bottle cap idea! Have you tried super-strength glue dots? If they exist, I have this memory of seeing them, at some point...

  5. I have used gorilla glue and it works quite well. But, I usually use a round piece of cardboard between the magnet and the bottle cap. This seems to work well (and it saves the fridge from getting scratched by the edges of the caps) - our magnets have lasted several years!


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