a paradigm shift on racism

1:27 AM

Living in South Africa, I've always tried to switch races in my head...to try and catch a glimpse of what life must be like for those of a darker skin.  It's really hard to do.  I watched this video last week, and it totally helped me to "see" that paradigm shift.

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  1. I haven't been to SA, but the minibuses are similar to Egypt, so that was fun to see.

    I'm sure the Sudanese refugees felt a bit the video's protagonist in Egypt, just as Aboriginal-origin people do here.

    I think of skins being in varying shades, rather than just black and white. The video offers an eye-opening perspective of a culture that really is black and white. Thanks for sharing.

  2. very interesting. Kudos to the people who made the video.

  3. What a gentle way to raise awareness.

    The most eye-opening experience I've had being treated as "different" was my time as the only non-local child other than my siblings in an all-Guatemalan school at age 7. My parents eventually gave up and pulled us out (being thrown in with no Spanish didn't help), but my time there taught me some valuable life lessons.


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