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Right now I am trying to make fish once a week for dinner.  I've implemented this off and on throughout my dinner making career, and right now it's in effect.  I love salmon and wish that my kids loved it as much.  They don't but I'm hoping that will change with time.  The mac and cheese was made to provide them with something they would like.  Emma G was so excited to hear mac and cheese was on the menu but disappointed it wasn't mommy's homemade!  Annie's mac is awesome but apparently doesn't compare to mommy's.  One point for the home team!

My favorite way to make salmon is by drizzling with melted butter or olive oil followed my lemon and a sprinkling of dill.  I didn't have dill the other night, so I used a seasoning blend and Jeremy grilled it for about 20 minutes.  So yum!  What are your favorite fish recipes?  I can't wait to try out a fish taco recipe next!

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  1. That sounds yummy! Unfortunately I don't have any fish recipes to share because Dan doesn't care for fish all that much, and the fish we can get here isn't really to be trusted. We can get frozen shrimp so I cook with that every so often, which is a treat!

  2. I love salmon and cream cheese on bagels with a squeeze of lemon and cracked black pepper.

    My favourite way to prepare fish fillets is to wrap them individually in foil with a little olive oil, green onion, and soy sauce and bake in a med-hot oven for 20 minutes. Serve with brown rice and the "sauce" that cooks down from the fish poured over the rice. A Chinese friend prepared this for me in England and it's so simple and perfect.

    I know how you feel about cans, but for a quick meal I like to use canned salmon flaked into a little cream and black pepper, heated just to the boil before adding some freshly cooked pasta.

    I would eat fish every day if I could!

  3. I make a salmon fish loaf (like meat loaf) in a slow cooker on days dont have time to make dinner. yummy. Because it is served with ketchup, kiddos can drown it if they want.

    Tilapia is pretty awesome simply because it is cheap and doesnt have a strong flavor so you can really change it up with the sauces. Serving it with a nice pineapple mango salsa is kinda amazing.

  4. OOh, I love fish!! Salmon looks delish- now bring on the fish tacos:)

  5. Really this is my favourite..I could eat this meal every night of the week. Happy week to you!

  6. Yum! Salmon and asparagus is one of my favorite combinations! And I absolutely LOVE fish tacos. I am going to have to go and buy some fish tomorrow. :-)


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