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When a friend from my photography class asked if I wanted to join her in a little spring flower photography fun my response was, "Of course!"  We went to the park where we had Joshua's birthday party.  A little wildflower section with bees flitting about was perfect!  These are my favs!

With a bright, colorful effect...

bee and pink flower

purple flower

flower center up close

With a hazy, muted effect...

orange flower

flower and bug

Speaking of spring, don't forget to enter my India giveaway where you can win a scarf perfect for springlike weather!

*All of these photos were edited in Photoshop CS5 using Pioneer Woman's Fresh and Colorful action and The Coffee Shop Blog's Johnna's Tea Party action.

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  1. They are all gorgeous! Happy Spring!

  2. Beautiful photos! Spring is BARELY arriving in Massachusetts - we are certainly looking forward to warmer weather soon!

  3. Thanks for your comment! I loove the red! I'm so addicted to it. I have a feeling it'll be around for awhiiile :] I'm going to add a little bleach blonde strip into my bangs though to match the underside. I did just one strip on the very back of my head so you see it when my hair's up. And the magazine cover is actually a friend's business, Poparazzi For Hire. He goes to events and has this big "booth" set up and he has tons of props and costumes and different backdrops to go with the costumes and he takes the picture and then whatever the event is, he adds the "magazine cover" to it and prints it out for them free! The host of the event usually just pays him for the night so everyone gets to enjoy it free and helps spread the word about his business. Pretty sweet. That's been the best PFH pic they've gotten of me. I've been a guinea pig so many times and had soo many unflattering pics, lol!


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