the streets of india

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Traveling the streets of India as a Westerner can be quite the experience.  I would be very surprised if the two second rule existed in the driver's handbook, because it's definitely not followed on the streets.  The close calls are enough to increase your faith as you call yell out prayers for safety.

in a rickshaw

There just might be as many rickshaws in India as people.  We rode them lots to zip around town, and that's exactly what they around, weaving in and out of traffic.  If you ever find yourself needing a rickshaw, be sure to agree on a price beforehand, because apparently the lighter your skin the more expensive the ride is.

streets of india

However, agreeing on a price doesn't always guarantee you'll get the best service.  Apparently, the driver of one of our last rides didn't like the agreed upon price.  In what felt like an "I'll show you" attitude, he turned the wrong way down the street and played chicken with oncoming traffic.  Thank goodness Kelly and I are alive!

kelly & i in the rickshaw
note: not the driver who played chicken

I asked my friend, Liliana, what it was like driving in India.  She explained to me that she liked it better than driving in her native country of Brazil, because in India, it was like an organized chaos.  Perhaps, Lily.  I definitely chalk it up to a fun, scary, faith building, cultural experience!

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  1. Sounds similar to some of the taxi experiences of the intern who stayed with us in Egypt.

    What is the two-second rule?

  2. If driving in Brazil is anything like driving in Bolivia, Liliana may be right...

  3. Oh my goodness... that sounds so crazy! But what a life experience! lol :)

  4. I've visited Brazil and it actually seemed like crazier streets than anywhere else I've seen. So maybe India is "organized" chaos in comparison?


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