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1:24 AM

I've been thinking about grace a lot lately.  I guess you could say that I had a recent "aha" moment that started the wheels turning on the topic.


Over the past season, there's been a lot of days where I have my rather long to do list and only manage to cross a few things off.  You would think that I could get a whole lot more done.  My mind would travel back to the beginning of 2009 when I was leading a DTS, maintaining my blog, being a wife and mother, photographing TTH projects in the communities, hosting people for dinner, and so on.  I was doing so much.  So imagine my surprise as I've felt like keeping my house clean and putting dinner on the table is about all I can do in one day.  It's been frustrating.  Then, I felt that still small voice say, "You haven't had the grace for all of that in this season."  That was the "aha," the moment when it all made sense.

We all go through different seasons in our lives.  I love how God gives us just what we need when we need it.  I think I'm beginning to see just how powerful grace is and how deep it is to understand.  It's a short word with so much meaning.  And so I lean on the grace God is extending for this moment, this season in my life, knowing that His wisdom is far above my own.  How are you leaning on His grace in this moment?

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  1. YES! Thank you for this! It is just what I need to hear! I been feeling recently (and maybe not just recently!) that I "should" be getting involved in more things outside my home. I think I am feeling more pressure from others (real or imagined) and myself, as I feel that I "should" be doing certain things as a missionary. I have NOT, however, felt like God wants me to get involved in certain projects/areas. If I really am listening to God and what HE wants me to do, right now I really need to be focusing on my kids and raising them up in HIM while they are still in my home all day long! I am involved in other things - guesthouse, hospitality, etc, and feel like those are areas where I can show God's love and be His light while still maintaining my primary ministry to my family. But I still can't help but put the pressure on myself to feel like I "should" be doing all these other things! I am leaning on HIS grace and HE gives me what I need for this time in my life!

    So, thank you so much for your post. It is such a good reminder to me!

  2. Your post reminded me of II Corinthians 12:9.

    I'm leaning on this verse, too, especially the "power is made perfect in weakness" part. In my 3rd trimester and feeling pretty tired physically!

  3. This is an excellent reminder. Grace comes and goes as it is needed from an eternal perspective.

  4. What a beautiful post Jen! Living in this moment. Living in this season. All through HIS grace. Amazing! :)

  5. What a beautiful post my friend...His grace always amazes me...xoxoo hugs

  6. Wow, Jen! I so needed that word...grace for each that takes the pressure off of my performance mentality!

  7. I echo the above comment!! Grace for each season... processing that now! God knows just what we need! Thanks so much for sharing! :)


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