dare to dream

1:11 AM

dare to dream

Yesterday I found out the results from the Dollar Fifty A Day photo contest.  I was really hoping, with all of my dreaming coming true lately, that my photo would be picked.  Well...it wasn't (you can see the winners here), BUT I want to thank you all for liking my photo and for supporting me!  (Side note: I was hoping to win the part of the contest that Jeremy Cowart judged, the Facebook "likes" were for another part of the contest.)  I am so glad I stepped out and entered it.  I will continue to dare to dream!  

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  1. Sorry I couldn't help since I'm not on FB. I wonder where your next dream will take you!

  2. What a great quote! So happy you dare to dream. You are inspiring! So much more ahead of you. I loved your entry! :)

  3. Dreaming is wonderful, and the only way for a dream to come true is to keep trying!

    I thought your photo was lovely, and very fitting for the contest.


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