fun at the aquarium

1:20 AM

Last week I played the part of parent chaperone for Jman's field trip to the aquarium.  I had five 3rd graders entrusted to my care.  Although I felt exhausted after an hour and a half of chasing excited kids, it was awesome to see the aquarium through their eyes.  It was definitely a great place to go to see the things they had been learning in class.  Me at the end of it all = naptime calling.  Hearing their excited voices say, "Look!  An adaptation!" = Priceless.  Here's some photos from our day.  The shark tank was the mutual consensus for the favorite!

lizard w/orange head

by the spider

swimming turtle


in awe

shark tank

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  1. Aquariums are so much fun! Love the excited and interested expressions on Josh's face!!

  2. What a fun field trip! How neat you got to go along! You got some beautiful pictures =)

  3. I love aquariums, they are so much fun.

  4. Jman's expression with the spider looks like he is so excited, with just a hint of nervousness. Love the first lizard pic and stingray with that kid's hands out on the glass! What a fun age of exploring a new world!

  5. Fun !!! Priceless pics! Good job! :) I love the looks their faces! I can feel the energy coming through! :)

  6. What a wonderful aquarium, it looks like such a blast:)


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