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Last week I received two fabulous books in the mail.  One of them was Home Dairy by Ashley English.  This book is an amazing resource to have for anyone who is starting out or even those who are currently making their own dairy products.  It is full of recipes for butter, yogurt, soft cheeses, hard cheeses, sour cream, and more!  

I loved reading about the author's journey to making her own dairy products as I feel it's much like my own...starting out small and working up to more as you see the encouragement and satisfaction that comes from making homemade foods.  I also loved the visual appeal of the book.  Not only is it a great resource of amazing recipes, but it's fun to look at.

homemade butter

I think, perhaps, the best way to review a book is to give it a test drive.  That's precisely what I did with the butter recipe.  I've never made butter before but have wanted to try it for a while.  It was very easy and making a dinner with homemade bread, homemade butter, and homemade jam is just plain awesome.  This book also contains my all-time favorite yogurt recipe which I eat almost daily.  And I'm now anxious to try out making my own cheese.  I jokingly said to my husband that eventually we might be milking our own cows as we go down this path to homemade dairy. :)

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a desire to step out into making their own dairy products.  The easy step by step instructions will leave you feeling encouraged and confident that you are providing food that is healthy for your family.

A special thanks to Beth at Lark Crafts for providing me with this free copy of Home Dairy to review.  Do check out their website.  It's a beautiful blend of creativity with giveaways, crafts, recipes, and more!  Next week look for my review of the second fabulous book I received from Lark Crafts!

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  1. Awesome! I make butter and ricotta cheese sometimes and yogurt weekly. Making sour cream would be fantastic! What a fabulous resource.

  2. Ah, that sounds wonderful! Keep us updated on your dairy-making adventures!

    I make yogurt and ricotta (out of necessity.) I think I would try making other things, too, if we could get anything other than powdered milk here... All dairy products are very expensive - $10 for a liter of UHT cream, over $50 for a 2-kilo block of cheddar cheese, over $50/kilo for blocks of parmesan cheese (when you can find it all)... I miss good, reasonably-priced dairy products!!!

  3. Hi Im a new follower from the blog hop and Im in the UK
    Loved your blog really interesting
    please come visit me anytime

  4. Homemade butter on homemade bread with homemade jam??? It all sounds wonderful, Jen :) I would love to try making butter with my kids!

  5. What a cool book! I've never made homemade anything dairy, but my mom has always made yogurt and I want to at least start that, once I get organized enough!

  6. That sounds like so much fun! I remember making butter in grade school. It was so neat... and everybody loved it! I think it just tasted better because of the work we put into it! ;)

  7. So cool that you are trying to make more and more homemade things. I never actually thought about making my own butter but I like the idea that you know what's in your food when you create it from scratch. I'll have to check this book out soon.


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