milestone :: first lost tooth

1:35 AM

When your youngest loses their first tooth, you realize that your "baby" is getting too big!  This particular tooth had been loose for a while, but fear prevented Emma G from letting anyone touch it other than a slight wiggle to see just how loose it was.  The other night, when she was showing us how she could push it straight out in a horizontal position, we knew it was time to pull it for fear of it being swallowed.  Daddy did the honors and pulled it on the first try (after he got a tissue to grip it).  Smiles eventually came, after the tears.

1st lost tooth

I have no idea why both of my kids chose to bring their little tooth fairy bags with them from Africa.  Out of the small backpack of toys we let them pack, they chose these.  Well, they sure are coming in handy!  After she brushed her tooth, she carefully put it in the bag and under her pillow.

brushing tooth

tooth fairy bag

Of course, by morning she totally forgot about it until her brother reminded her.  I heard tears and went in to see what was wrong.  She didn't care about the money that was left.  She just wanted her tooth back!

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  1. Oh how sweet. Love those gap-toothed photos!

  2. Oh my gosh, how sad and cute that she misses her tooth! She's adorable.

  3. I was just like Emma G with my first tooth - my grandpa finally pulled it out!

    And my brother used to get very upset with the tooth fairy for taking his teeth away =)

  4. Awwwe, so sweet. Your tooth fairy bags are so precious. I never had one of those.

  5. Aww... she is so sweet. Bless her heart, beautiful girl. :)


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