quinoa salad

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quinoa salad

Some time ago, I saw a recipe for breakfast quinoa in a magazine.  I attempted it and it was an utter fail.  Either I didn't read all the directions properly or I thought the step of soaking and rinsing the quinoa was optional.  Whatever the case, I didn't do it, resulting in a very bitter porridge.  Recently, I decided to give the quinoa another go.  I soaked it and rinsed it (just like the directions said) and there was absolutely no bitterness.  Lesson learned!  I made a quinoa salad that is perfect for the summer.  It was tasty, filling, and full of fresh veggies.  I'm looking forward to incorporating this seed that is part of the spinach family into more dishes.  Click here to see the many health benefits of quinoa!

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  1. also. keep it refrigerated during storage. It is in VERY small print on the bag I bought so the first time I didn't know that I needed to, after all it is seeds and like pasta, right? But a refrigerated is needed and makes all the difference!

    if you google martha stewart and quinoa recipe she has a whole section of recipes for it. There is one salad made with corn and peppers that is SO AMAZINGLY GOOD. Like... drooling good. You should try it!

  2. Glad to have this tip...so it's not bitter! Did Quinoa long ago...didn't work well for me then! Maybe I will try it again.

  3. I love quinoa! This sounds amazing.


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