the alamo

1:08 AM

If you're a Texan, I highly doubt that you can go to San Antonio without visiting the famous Alamo, even if you've seen it before.  It's such a pivotal part of our history that it warrants a visit.  I loved that the kids were able to see it.  Educational and fun!

all of us at the alamo

tree at the alamo

cousins at the alamo

front of gate

at the alamo

walking around the alamo

After we walked around the Alamo, we saw The Price of Freedom at the IMAX.  The lady said it was rated G.  However, when you have small children in your company, you notice a little more.  It was a great visual of the battle, whether it was really rated G or not!

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  1. That is extremely dreamy, I want to go there.
    Happy day, friend!

  2. Remember the Alamo! :) Definitely want to take my kids there someday.

  3. I can't wait to go now! It will be such a fun trip, especially now that Colton learned about Texas history this past year. I hope you took LOTS of photos! I don't know about Joshua's school, but Colton created a Texas Notebook (photo/informational) in 4th grade. It would have been great to have something we experienced prior to doing this project, but was still fun! We'll have to check out the IMAX too!

  4. I remember visiting the Alamo as a kid - I'd love to go back, someday!

  5. One of my favorite memories was going there long ago with my family, such a great place!


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