a girlie day for my girlie

7:57 AM

getting nails painted

Miss Emma is definitely a girlie girl.  Dresses, make-up, the girlier the better.  When we knew her cousins were coming to town, I took advantage of a Groupon offer and bought two Groupons to Sweet & Sassy to treat the girls.

princess do

rock star do

all done up

We went yesterday morning so they could enjoy their up-do's, make-up, and painted nails all day.  And the glitter...oh, my there is glitter everywhere.  Even if you don't go in for anything in particular, you will come out with glitter somewhere on your body.  The girls loved it.  Emma G sweetly whispered to me near the end, "This is so fun!"

all the girls by the fountain

eg by the fountain

Right after their pampering, we came home to a little tea party with sandwiches, fruit, "tea" in the form of apple juice, chocolate cake, and cheese and crackers.  I think more tea parties are a must this summer.  They are so much fun!

a at the tea party

eg at the tea party

We only have a couple more days before these sweet nieces leave.  We are trying to savor every moment which is why I'm falling a little behind visiting all your lovely blogs.  I know you understand.  Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!

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  1. how very sweet and wonderfully adorable! tea parties are always a must - for little girls and big girls alike. I've never outgrown them. But playing dress up and having tea and icecream is what I'm known for among my nieces! My nephews and I also dress up - as rockstars - and play loud music while jumping on beds and going camping. goodness I love all my kiddos! it will be fun to see what Im like once I have some of my own. haha

  2. How cute!!


  3. How wonderful to have cousins/nieces visiting! That looks like the perfect outing for them, too!

  4. Too fun! It looks like you and Emma had a great experience. My Claire is definitely my girly-girl, SO much more into "makeup" and dress-up than her older sister!

  5. I love their hair up like that!

  6. That looks like the perfect day! Adorable. Love the sweet photos! ♥

  7. Oh my gosh cutest pics ever of those two! I miss my girls!!


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