God's goodness & unconditional love

6:08 AM


Check out my guest post on God's Goodness & Unconditional Love today at House of Belonging.  While you're there, say hello to the lovely Tiffini!

pink flowers

Tomorrow is Friday.  Yes!  But first, have a lovely day today!

PS: If you have my blog button on your site (or would like to put it on there), I have updated it to reflect my new banner!  Just copy and paste the text in the box.

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  1. Love the cool canvas-effect on the photos. :)

  2. I love the canvas effect, too.

    I'll keep this post flagged in my reader as a reminder to update my blogroll with your new button once I'm home =)

  3. I definitely am because God IS good.

  4. Off to check out your post! Love your banner, and photos:)


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