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10:58 PM

I don't usually post this late at night, but we just pulled in from a 5 day vacation from San Antonio, and this is how I'm unwinding.  The tired, crabby kids are in bed, and I'm nursing my self-diagnosed pinched nerve back pain (anyone know a great way to get rid of a pinched nerve?).  We had a great time seeing the sights of S.A.  We were quite the entourage everywhere we went...8 people and 4 strollers crossing the street makes heads turn!  More on our fun trip later!

entourage crossing

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  1. What a fun picture! Welcome back!

    Have you tried a hot water bottle for your back?

  2. There is nothing like home! sigh

  3. I'm sorry about your back! Ibuprofen might help? And a hot water bottle... I hope you feel better soon!

    Love the photo =)

  4. Jen, I told Jeremy about my chiropractor who only charges $35/visit and it sounds like I had the same symptoms you do, last fall. I went several times over a couple of months, but it always made me feel better each time I went and now am much better.

    Also, a friend of mine who recently recovered from a rare cancer went to a lady who practices what's called Cranio-Sacral Therapy. It sounds a bit alternative to me, but my friend swears by it...mostly because she couldn't handle the manipulation of a chiropractor and also because this lady can do in one treatment what others in her field do in 3 or 4 treatments. She comes to Texas every other month, or something like that. Here is her website explaining the therapy: http://www.lifeexpressionwellness.com/index.php/Services/craniosacral-therapy.html. Let me know if you're interested and get you more info!


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