1:10 AM

It's hot outside!

This past week I've read lots of blogs boasting in the excitement of the first day of summer.  I've had to chuckle to myself as I've thought, "Haven't we already been in summer for like a month now?"  That's when I've had to remember that not everyone has endured 100+ days like we have here in Texas.  This was the Father's Day reading in our van after it had cooled down 1 degree!

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  1. Crazy weather extremes! From unusual snow to more usual sizzle.

  2. I know. here I go for another shower.

  3. Oh, totally understand. I live in Houston and it's SO hot. I have to roll my windows down then turn the air on and let it run for a minute. It's crazy hot!

  4. I wish we could average out our temperatures. We had to turn the heat on last night, because temperatures dipped into the 40s - and it's only gotten up to mid-60s today.

  5. Have been in Haiti for the past week with no ac in majority of the house. I am feeling ya! :)

  6. Your temperature reading totally caught my eye! We also are in the 100 + degree weather... Hope it cooled down a bit for you guys!


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