on the farm

1:15 AM

The end of last week I took some family photos (not my family) out on a farm.  I brought my kids along which was not the best idea, but anyway, lesson learned.  These are a few I snapped of the kiddos.  I love the farm...the props, the colors, it tells such a great story!

bug & foot

running through

on the fence

on the tractor

resting on the wheel

serious by the tractor

driving the tractor

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  1. I'd say taking your kids along was the best idea.

  2. I agree! Love these photos of your kids exploring :)

  3. What a dreamy day, you're such a great photographer!
    Happy Monday!

  4. Lovely! Emma G is so natural in front of the camera, and I love Josh's action shots!

  5. I love how Josh is sticking out his chin in the last shot...emulating a farmer "man"...so CUTE!


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