breakfast tacos

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breakfast tacos

I haven't been cooking much lately.  Dinner has consisted of sandwiches, salads, smoothies, watermelon, popcorn, whatever is easy and light.  Summer months don't usually need elaborate meals, so whatever feels light and refreshing feels perfect.  I made breakfast tacos the other night which felt like the most cooking I had done in a while.  There wasn't anything too special about these tacos.  Some scrambled eggs, turkey, cheddar cheese, and homemade salsa inside a corn tortilla (recipe via Simply Recipes).  The tortillas were the special part, because they were homemade.  I used to roll tortillas out with a rolling pin, but I recently bought the Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press.  It's so much easier to use and makes the process so fast!

tortilla recipes I've used in the past...mock corn tortillas and flour tortillas

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  1. Those look really yummy. I've been debating getting a tortilla press. Is it really worth it?

  2. I have also thought about purchasing a tortilla press! I haven't tried making my own tortillas because it seems time consuming. Do you have a good recipe you can share?

  3. I will go all the way to Texas for one of those M'am!

  4. I quit my job only to play my favourite Games Online
    Ofcourse i am joking


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