driving through the mountains with instagram

1:13 AM

We are having such an adventure!  I will share more with you once we get back, but I'm having fun sharing little snippets of the beautiful scenery we're enjoying.  After camping in Moab, UT, we drove to Colorado Springs.  The drive was breathtaking and of course, pictures never do it justice.

beautiful drive along the colorado river
Beautiful drive along the Colorado River.


the snow capped mountains of colorado

We are leaving beautiful Colorado tomorrow and headed for the mountains of New Mexico.  I will definitely be offline as the only pastimes include reading, game playing, resting, and having fun...all without internet.  I'll be enjoying my online break while I hope you will enjoy some posts from the archives of 2009.  See you in about a week!

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  1. I have loved Colorado from the first time I drove into it when I was in college. The snow capped mountains seemingly coming out of nowhere are just breathtaking!

    Enjoy your week of mountains, family time, & "old fashioned" pasttimes....heeheee

  2. this makes me feel so happy inside; we have plans to move to colorado in about a month and I am feeling more and more that it is bringing with it MUCH creative inspiration.

  3. Enjoy all that wonderful "off-line-ness"!!

  4. Beautiful. Colorado is stunning - I went to camp and worked there for one summer.

  5. LOVE instagram. LOVE those western mountains... just visited nevada/cali this past january and FELL IN LOVE! enjoy those blissful nature moments xo


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