four clowns at the circus

1:18 AM

Well, technically there were way more than four clowns at the circus, but Wednesday night at the American Airlines Center in section 116 there was a family of four (clowns?) watching The Greatest Show On Earth.

this clown was great with the kids...joshua has already started his clown training here at home. :)

Growing up, I remember going to the circus a handful of times.  I was always mesmerized by animals doing tricks and trapeze artists flying through the air with such grace, making it look so easy.  The kid in me the other night felt the same wonderment that I did some 25 years ago.  Looking over at my kids during the show, I knew they felt it, too.

elephant show

I love trying to experience events like this through the eyes of my children, especially when it's a first time.  Having lived in Africa, they were used to seeing big cats and elephant (thankfully no African elephant were a part of the show...whew!), but they had no idea what to expect going to the circus. 

elephant piggy back

The kids loved meeting some of the performers pre-show and getting autographs.  Joshua didn't want to ask them what they did, because he wanted to be surprised.  Surprised he was when two of the performers he met were in his favorite part of the show...The Globe of Steel!  Motorcycles zooming around in a globe was seriously nothing short of spectacular.

globe of steel

Emma G posed for a photo pre-show with two dancers.  It didn't surprise me, when I asked her to tell me her favorite part, that she responded, "The dancers."

with the dancers

The Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey circus is a great place to take the kids.  It's fun and entertaining and will, without a doubt, bring smiles and laughter to men and women, children of all ages (not to mention provide a great place to escape the hot summer heat).  Barnum 200 - Barnum's FUNundrum, Ringling Bros. biggest show yet, will be in Dallas until August 7th and Ft. Worth August 10-14.  Tickets include admittance to the all access pre-show one hour before the show starts.   The pre-show includes autograph signing, trying on costumes, meeting the performers up close, and much more!

signing autographs

Buy your tickets here and prepare to be amazed by the FUNundrum that crosses geographic borders! 

ringling bros. website

ringling bros. on facebook

ringling bros. on twitter

interview with the ringmaster

Disclosure : I received free tickets to the Ringling Bros. circus in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Special thanks to Kathy for arranging our time!

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  1. it ahs been so long since I have been to the circus. What a lovely reminder of the wonder of the show!

  2. I've never been to a circus, but that elephant domino looks amazing.

  3. We've been so busy this summer I began thinking maybe we shouldn't go to the circus after all, but you've reminded me how much fun it is! I may reconsider.

  4. How wonderful, I am cannot wait to take the kiddos to the circus! Great pictures too:)


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