a little henna fun

1:19 AM

One of the fun things I brought back from my India trip in March was several tubes of henna. Mehndi truly is an art and I don't pretend to possess it, but it sure is fun to get creative with it.

smelling petunias

Since I had never applied henna to myself (or anyone else for that matter) before, I found I was definitely inexperienced.  I made the mental note of only snipping off the tiniest amount on the end.  Otherwise you have big, fat lines of henna that come out rather than the thin, skinny ones to make intricate designs.

picking a petunia

Emma G has been asking me for a while to put henna on our hands.  She had it done right before I went to India, so she knew how fun it was!  I am seriously not gifted with drawing of any sort, but a flower and a butterfly I can somewhat handle.  Maybe I'll get better as I practice with all these tubes I brought home!

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  1. You did great! The sweet simple designs are perfect for your little girl's hands.

  2. Ultra fun and broadening!!

  3. very creative and when it brings joy, it is a masterpiece! I love removable tattoos anyway!

  4. So pretty! And what a fun mother-daughter activity!

  5. That is so neat! I have always thought the intricate henna art was interesting and beautiful. How fun that you have some to use yourself! Turned out so pretty. :)


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