the local splash pad

1:15 AM

I love taking the kids to the nearby splash pad because 1. it cools you off on a hot day, and 2. it's free.  I think that's why everyone else likes it, too, making it really hard to get photos without other kids in the background (only because I like to be sensitive).

running through the mister

through the mister

We were able to go to the splash pad last week before we left for our road trip.  Loved the mister, loved the time with friends, loved the spot of shade we snagged when someone else left.  Did not love the sunburn and the raccoon eyes I got, but I guess that's my own fault now, isn't it?

waiting for the water to drop

in the water

Loving these wet summer days!  If you live in the Dallas area, check out my post today on Today's Mama of other local splash pads.

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  1. What a great concept, and free! Yea! Excellent photos, too. :)

  2. I am jealous of all the gorgeous free splash pads I keep seeing photos of on Texan blogs. Not jealous enough to trade for your hot summers, though!

    Gorgeous photos =)

  3. :'( We don't have that here, where we should! ugh!... Love the photos...

  4. This looks like such a fun adventure on a hot day!

  5. I wouldn't want to get other kids in the background only because I'm selfish!! Looks like fun! (This is Tami - "anonymous" is the only way I can get a comment to post from my husband's computer)


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