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Recently I found myself in a nostalgic mood as I thought of the many summer memories that flooded my mind. As a young girl, there were certain things that marked every summer. Now, as a mom, I see my kids experiencing some of those same things. The nostalgia comes and I smile...

muddy hands

I remember summer days filled with lots of mud pie making.  We would also throw in an occasional mud taco if we found the right leaves.  Yes, my brother and I camped out in the overgrown bush nestled at the corner of our house.  It's branches held us well, and it was the perfect spot to pretend it was our house, and mud pies and mud tacos were our only form of nourishment.

eg's mud pie

I also remember the shady spot at grandma's house where we usually spent a week or two every summer.  The grass didn't grow well in the shade giving us the abundance of mud we needed to fill the tiny tins to overflowing.  I was a tomboy of sorts, and I loved to dig into the earth and live out my summer days outside.

making a mud pie

gathering mud

My girlie is like total opposite of me when it comes to getting dirty, but when I asked her if she wanted to make mud pies outside while I weeded the garden, she agreed.  I do believe her face says it all in some of the pics I captured.  The beginning was rough going but once she settled into the fact that her hands were going to be dirty, well, then she just dug in and had a blast.

heart shaped mud pie

We made a heart shaped pie and both ended up covered in dirt...all part of a fun, memorable summer afternoon.

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  1. How totally cute! I don't remember making mud pies, but I think we used grass as our main ingredient.

  2. Those are some beautiful memories... both the ones you have of your childhood and the ones you are creating with your daughter. blessings ~ tanna

  3. This post brings back memories for me too...I don't know that my children have had this privilege...basically because of where we live. I hope they don't miss out on too many of hte fun things I did in my childhood.

  4. I love your heart shaped mud pie!

    I loved playing in the mud as a kid - and so do my three little ones!

  5. BEAUTIFUL photos, Jen! I love the heart-shaped mud pie too, especially with the two pairs of feet sneaking into the photo.

  6. Just this week I took my boys outside to play in the mud and enjoyed my own trip down memory lane. These photos of your daughter are lovely and capture the moment perfectly!

  7. such beautiful memories you are creating with your daughter.

  8. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE playing in the mud (especially the girls)! When I was a girl, I swerved on my bike to avoid a mud pie to the face from my brother and chipped a tooth, only to find out it was only grass clippings (their mud pie icing)

  9. Love that shot of your girl holding out her muddy hands! Makes me remember my two, digging, mixing and making. So much fun!

  10. Oh, I love the barefeet next to the heart shaped mud pie!!! I think it is funny that we both had summer memories on the mind!


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