taking my blogging journey to utah

1:17 AM

gate @ the alamo

I can't believe I've been blogging for five years now!  My process of getting my blog "out there" has been a pretty slow one, but that's actually my sort of pace.  I like to ease into things rather than having an abrupt thrust into it.

If you've followed along with me over the past several months, you know that dreaming has been huge for me.  Not only the act of dreaming but seeing dreams come true.  So, so incredible.  One of my dreams that I haven't shared much about is in the area of writing.  My dreams around this are to one day write a book and also to have a successful blog that brings in income for our family.  I've prayerfully considered different opportunities that might help me see those dreams become reality.

Earlier this year I prayed about going to Evo Conference and felt like I was to go.  I was able to get a volunteer pass which gets me in for free in exchange for 10 hours of volunteering.  I was beyond delighted when I found out my volunteer duty, live blogging!  Not only will I be able to meet and network with some really great people, but I also get to do something that I love.  For a busybody like me, having something to do actually helps me to listen better.  I'm also super excited to see a friend of mine who I met while we lived in Connecticut.  I haven't seen her for 4 or 5 years!

The whole family left today for the long trek to the mountains of Utah.  We're leaving 100 degree days for cool mountain air!  After the conference we'll take our time getting back and enjoy a family vacation along the way.  Lots of vacation pictures will fill this space soon!  I've scheduled lots of posts while I'm gone.  If I don't get a chance to peek in on all of your blogs, I will certainly catch up when I get back!

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  1. Sounds fun, and the weather should be nice, too!

  2. How exciting!!!

    I've always thought it would be fun to go to a blog conference, so I'm looking forward to reading all about your experience!

  3. Excited to hear about it when you return!

  4. Wow! What a great opportunity! I have a lot of the same blogging dreams that you have too, but I also feel that I am moving at kind of a slow pace, and I struggle with wondering if I am holding myself back or if that is just the pace that God has me on.

    I am so excited to read about this conference. I would like to make it to a blogging conference soon. I thought about Blissdom, as it is within driving distance, but I didn't really know anyone so didn't know who to room with, etc, but I will get there eventually!

    Happy Traveling! :)

  5. I can't believe you've lived in Connecticut! I only lived there for a year or so after birth, but I was born in Waterbury, went back to see my birthplace about 5 years ago!


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