back to school hair clips

1:14 AM

My girl likes to accessorize, so not only did she want her backpack and her clothes to match, but she needed some matching hair clips.  Before I left for S. Africa I made some knitted blue flower hair clips (inspired by my friend, Britt).  They were super fast and she loved them.

flower clips

Upon my return we decided she needed some butterfly clips.  Yes, needed.  I tried knitting some, but they were unrecognizable as butterflies.  Both my husband and my daughter confirmed that suspicion for me.  After two sewing outtakes I was finally pleased with the third result.  I knitted a 3/4 inch i-cord and then did what I call messy sewing with some frayed edges. 

butterfly hair clips

I have one more set of clips that need some spicing up.  I wonder, will it be dragonflies, bees, more flowers.  Hmmm... Any suggestions?

Linking up with Jennifer@Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday.  Lots of creativity going on over there.  You should check it out!

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  1. These are so pretty and so is she! :-)

  2. Beautiful! I loved how the flower clips matched her first-day-of-school outfit, and I think I like how the butterfly clips look even more. Way to go!

  3. Hey my mil is going to the Women's Conference you are going to !! Found out just the other day:)
    Love the clips---I pick dragonflies for the next clip!! The butterflies and flowers are cute!!

  4. These are so cute - I've seen some of the knitted bows but not the sewn kind - love them! I wish my 12 year old would let me clip them in her hair. Enjoy it while you can. :)

  5. these are adorable - apples, pumpkins and owls would be cute, too! perfect for back to school. I love your blog header, too!

  6. Wow. You are so talented. These look fantastically pretty. I love little girls!

  7. The clips are wonderful, having no skills in the fibre department I admire those that do :-) And what a beautiful girl, she makes the accessory!

  8. aw...she's such a cutie! And the clips you made are just darling.

  9. I love them! She's so beautiful too!

    I think that flowers are fairly versatile, but you could do leaves or something too. =)

    Thanks for sharing at Studio JRU today!


  10. I just love that she wanted everything to match! How cute is that!?! The clips are so pretty! I love the frayed edges on the butterflies. How about some little birdies? :)

  11. Those butterfly clips are so cute! I love the freedom that they evoke!

  12. That's a girl after my own heart. :) Those clips are darling. My daughter is really into headbands, so we are going to make some.


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