big red rocks...everywhere

1:17 AM

garden of the gods 

I'm almost wondering if this vacation will be nicknamed the "Big Red Rock Vacation."  First, Utah and then Colorado.  The kids certainly didn't mind!

on top of the rock

scaling the rock like spiderman

Joshua was like Spiderman scaling the walls.  When he got compliments from a couple of kids around his age on his ability to maneuver, his confidence was definitely boosted.  I spotted him under the guise of photographer.  I was nervous!

going through the cave 

between 2 rocks

sitting down

Emma G preferred the small cave that she found between two rocks.  All goes to show that Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is a great place for the kids!

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  1. It looks absolutely amazing, you make me wanna go there so bad! :-)

  2. So beautiful. Josh's rock climbing skills are certainly impressive! Is there a climbing wall near you where he can practice? Such a cool sport. Though not good for a mother's nerves, I'm sure!!

  3. Oooh, I'd be nervous too but that Joshua sure is agile! Love the pic of your crew on the rocks!

  4. Joshua really does look like Spiderman! I thought that even before I read your description =)

    That looks like an amazing place!

  5. Looks fun, Jen! And I bet it was alot cooler than Texas!


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