first day of school photo shoot

1:25 AM

Before I dive into talking about our travels, I have to show off the newest 4th and 1st graders in our house.  I tried to take tips from my own back to school roundups on Today's Mama to get the kids excited for another year of learning.  Back to school eve I prepared a special dinner (chicken broccoli pasta) requested by Emma G.  Back to school morning breakfast was Joshua's pick of pancakes and turkey bacon.

back to school dinner

back to school breakfast

Whether it be the special meals or not, excitement was high yesterday morning.  The kids got up easily and got ready quickly.  For those of you who know my girlie, this was quite an accomplishment.  She's trying to convince me that she's turned over a new leaf and early morning school hours won't be a problem.  I sure hope that's true!

my 1st grader

over the shoulder

toms shoes

The kids were ready by 7 giving us plenty of time for a photo shoot.  They were so cooperative.  I was pleasantly surprised by their happy smiles which led me to leave my camera at home when we walked them up to school.  I know Joshua was thankful for that. :)

what's so funny?

up high

nike shoes

Miss Emma decided to go all matchy matchy on me this year which totally surprised me.  The backpack over her shoulder was her idea. :)

bro & sis

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  1. You have little models on your hands! Love her Toms - do you always take pictures of their shoes? It is a great way to look back and see their fashion choices!

    You take amazing pictures!

  2. Beautiful! Especially love Emma G's backpack-over-the-shoulder pose. :)

  3. Great photos! I love Emma's super-matchy look!

  4. Such good looking school ready kids!!

  5. Such great pics, Jen! Love that they are so excited about school. And especially love the pic of the two of them together. Sweet sibling love.

  6. Aww... what a sweet photo shoot! I love how Emma's backpack matches her outfit. How cute is that!?! And you can never go wrong with a superman tee! :)

  7. Aww, what very sweet kids. I'm glad here in the uk children have to wear uniform to school, mine's only 2 but when she does go I'll be glad I don't have the added stress of getting her to look as cute and well presented as yours!

  8. WOW!! Awesome photography and the kids are beautiful!

    Have a nice day!


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